Monday, March 10, 2008

children's portraits, with a message

A series of children's portraits by Australian born-Paris based photographer Vee Speers, these kids dressed up in costumes and definitely showing some characteristics. Even though the title is The Birthday Party, where everybody 'supposedly' having fun and happy, these children do not look happy at all. Their expressions showed that they can't wait to leave and go home. As openly as they look at the camera, the children reveal very little of themselves, the reason for their desolation. These are exactly what makes these portraits so magnetic. "I'm interested in the psychology of human nature - what we really are beneath the surface," Speers once said. Yet she creates her art in the certainty of never being able to expose what lies beneath.

The childlike game of dressing up, of putting on costumes, reinforces the surreal tone of the series. Boxing gloves alone don't make a boxer, a helmet doesn't make a Roman legionnaire. That's what Vee Speers tells us through these pictures.

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