Thursday, March 31, 2011

bow necklace

home | elmhurst, ny | mar.30.2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

matcha green tea blast

recipe for original size 24oz
10 oz of soy milk
2 scoops of frozen yogurt
2 scoops of sorbet
2 scoops of the match green tea
2 scoops of crushed ice

this recipe from yahoo answers~

*but if by any chance u're in woodbury outlet, there's a korean deli sellin' green tea smoothie too & it's soooo goood! but jamba's is just as refreshing! :)

34th st. | ny, ny | mar.30.2011

mammatus cloud

about mammatus cloud

walking home | elmhurst, ny | jun.2009

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


my true comfort food, i can have this everyday! :P

village yokocho | st. mark's place, ny | mar.26.2011

dessert : financier patisserie

bumped in to this new patisserie @ astor place while we were lookin' for a place to warm up since it was quite cold last saturday~
love the napoleon i had, & their madeleine is soooo good! {i would say better than starbucks'}

financier patisserie | astor place, ny | mar.26.2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

watching : fantatsy factory | season 1

a friend recommended me this, at first i was like umm... skateboarder & reality show.. i'm so not into both..
i watched it anyway & it turned out to be a really FUN show, it's not tat much of skateboarding, but rather about a lot of other interesting stuff in it!
wow..oops.. no!! mad! crazy!! lol hahaha... very entertaining boisterous show, go watch it if you havent! :)

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the cherry blossom

the mark of spring
the symbol of love & affection
& the omen of good fortune~

bbg | brooklyn, ny | apr.2009

Thursday, March 24, 2011

the guinieafowl

this topic came across when keoka has some of these pretty feathers for her earrings, and she looked up to see where they came from...

about guineafowl

taronga zoo | sydney, au | dec.2010

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

listening : mad rush | philip glass

they are all comin back...

... still at work, listening to mad rush~

downtown disney | orlando, fl | jul.2010

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

concert for japan

concert for japan @ japan society | NY

100% of proceeds from this event will go to the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.

saturday | april 9 | 11 am — 11 pm

1 pm - philip glass & hal willner, lou reed, laurie anderson & john zorn
6 pm - ryuichi sakamoto solo, bill laswell with gigi band

just got my tix for the 1pm concert, thank you gaby for the info, i'll see u there :)


amsterdam | netherlands | may.2009

Monday, March 21, 2011

cookies anyone?

gg baked these triple chocolate cookies, i believe she said it's a recipe from food network~

these are sooo good, well.. the pecans kinda burnt a little, but nevermind it, they are still yummy!

home | elmhurst, ny | mar.20.2011

eating : tsampa | tibetan natural cuisine

we missed our reservation @ yokocho, because my phone didn't ring at all when the host called up! ( uughh at&t! ) rather than have to wait for another hour ( yup, back to the end of the list ) , we tried a tibetan restaurant, tsampa, just few shops down, the food is pretty decent, very similar with south east asian & chinese cooking, good comfort food~
tsampa | east village, ny | mar.18.2010

pink jelly

home | elmhurst, ny | mar.20.2011

fish eddy | a very own new york dishes

fish eddy has a wide range of dinnerware & kitchen accessories, love their diner whites & i think it's a good choice as souvenirs also, since they incorporate a lot of nyc icons into their products, as shown in images below from their wesbite~
fish eddy | union sq. , ny | mar.18.2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

hello spring!

greeley square | ny, ny | mar.18.2011


del mar beach | san diego, ca | nov.2009

support japan

my thoughts & prayers reach out for calamity in japan

to donate :
american red cross
doct0rs without borders
international medical corps

artist : elly mackay | paper theater prints

i saw her works on etsy last night & can't wait to share them! they are very much pleasing & so wonderful~
elly mackay is an artist, illustrator & educator from owen sound, ontario, canada~
if you're interested to know further, she described the process of making these paper theater prints on her website & here is her etsy shop, theaterclouds~

Thursday, March 17, 2011

dessert : everything frosted

it's been a while since the last time i had cupcakes & now they are back! gg bought these cupcakes from everything frosted & we had a little feast of sweetness~

everything frosted
105 1/2 mosco st. | new york | ny 10013
t. (212) 227-9828

home | elmhurst, ny | mar.12.2011

baby kiwi

gigi shared her baby kiwi she got from trader joe's couple nights ago, they are so cute & sweet! from new zealand, but i wonder if this is a gm product~

home | elmhurst, ny | mar.12.2011

eating : psari | seafood @ astoria

psari seafood restaurant & bar
3210 36th ave | sstoria | ny
t. (718) 786-6015

psari | astoria, ny | mar.12.2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

doctors without borders debit mastercard

i encourage to support doctors without borders with their amazing works, saving lifes around the world with linkin' your checking account from any bank with this doctors without borders debit mastercard, and they will receive a contribution for every purchase made with your card, at no cost to you.

it's simple.

doctors without borders earns 0.5% of the transaction amount when you sign for a purchase and 0.1% of the transaction amount whenever you enter your PIN for a purchase.

to apply click on this link

about doctors without borders / médecins sans frontières

Friday, March 11, 2011


no reason to be less in prayers... and with the series of unfortunate events tat have been goin' on lately & also as we are embracing the lent season, there are more reasons to pray indeed~

work | ny, ny | mar.11.2011

lisa stickley | free shipping till mar.16

featured on decor8, and currently is offering free shipping to uk, europe, & north america till march 16, so hurry up! u might see something that u like {u certainly will} on their website! happy shoppping!

watching : the new world | 2005

q'orianka kilcher pulled it off pretty well in this pocahontas movie & i just found out tat she is the cousin of jewel kilcher, well.. not tat it matters ^.*

Thursday, March 10, 2011


windy | misty | rainy | thursday
went to lunch with merry, rika & steven @ kirakuya {a good place to get lunch if you work close to k-town, the food is delicious, i love the cold tofu & the cold half-boiled egg that included in the lunch set!} then stopped by starbucks since they're giving free petite treats for any purchase today & i know they always spell my name wrong... but today is unacceptable, they wrote... Amess! lol smh~

work | ny, ny | mar.10.2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sweet paul | spring 2011 issue 4

& here is the cover of sweet paul | spring 2011 issue 4, click here to read this issue

wall decor | harmonie-intérieure

harmonie-intérieure came across while i was looking at sweet paul {an online magazine with very pretty photographs of yummy recipes, art & crafts, and all of other cute stuffs too many to mention}

harmonie-intérieure is frédérique & fabien from graphic-exchange, an excellent website & resource for graphic design works!

some of their wall stickers are pretty cool

kids room stickers

<3 these posters!!