Thursday, March 10, 2011


windy | misty | rainy | thursday
went to lunch with merry, rika & steven @ kirakuya {a good place to get lunch if you work close to k-town, the food is delicious, i love the cold tofu & the cold half-boiled egg that included in the lunch set!} then stopped by starbucks since they're giving free petite treats for any purchase today & i know they always spell my name wrong... but today is unacceptable, they wrote... Amess! lol smh~

work | ny, ny | mar.10.2011


Merry said...

wah my name is on your blog. ^^

keep blogging ermy.
I'm enjoying to read yours.


lulu*stellar said...

i'm glad! thank you merry~

francisca said...

lol sama miiii - ga pernah bs spell nama g juga org sini

Emil Halim said...

the call me Amil or hamil.. even worst haha