Friday, February 29, 2008

j'adore le cirque du soleil

Alegria's theme soundtrack grabbed my attention the moment i heard it from the advert on TV for their upcoming touring show in New York City, Spring 2004 and stuck on my head. The trailer looked really captivating and i decided to see the show. I m really glad i did it even just by myself, i had a GREAT time!

It was totally the whole new levels of entertainment show, which brought the audience to a different world during the mind-blowing 2 hours show. It is so impressive, whimsical, and a dreamlike. This bundle of perfection of surreal art performance contents an amazing acrobatic acts, beautiful music arrangements performed by live bands, and the most ultimate reason for me to come is to see their top-notch costumes ( by Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt )
that give a fanciful notions. They are so well-made, inspiringly creative, and details oriented. Since then, j'adore le cirque du soleil !!

I've been up to 7 shows so far [Alegria, La Nouba, Varekai, Corteo, Love, KA, and Wintuk] and looking forward to see all of them. Watch out for their touring shows coming your way or come to see their resident shows in New York, Orlando, and Las Vegas. It's really worth every penny spent to get such an experience.

Something extra, I got myself an adorable diabolo figurine from KA's souvenier shop [MGM Grand, Las Vegas]. These series of whimsical figurine designed by artist and designer Kate Church. The figurine is movable, and can be positioned in a variety of ways to recall a memorable performance, reflect your inner mood or just to cheer up your day!

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