Thursday, April 7, 2011

eating : hudson clearwater

it's quite tricky to find this restaurant as #447 hudson street frontshop looks like an under constructions building.
so, here's the hint : the entrance is actually off morton st., through the backyard's door & it's green :)

i was meetin' up with rena & her other 2 friends {psstt.. all of 'em from cia} here for early dinner @6pm, but not too long this place was packed with more and more people & of course, the food was awesome, i like their scallop best but i just had to have the duck confit, big fan of duck here~ ^.*

hudson clearwater
447 hudson st. (between morton st. & barrow st.)
west village, ny 10014
t. (212) 989-3255

hudson clearwater | west village, ny | apr.02.2011

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